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Best Boarding School in Chennai

  • Residing at Vellore International School is an experience that creates a lifelong positive impression upon the student.
  • Harmony, understanding and unimpeded learning are the watchwords that drive the residential aspect of the school.
  • Indisputably, children in a residential ambience need to feel safe and cared for in order to focus on academics and activities. Thus psychological and physical well-being of the students is foremost among the priorities of VIS.
  • Designated house parents and matrons guide students in their physical upkeep and emotional well-being.
  • The campus is equipped with 24×7 emergency healthcare support.


  • VIS residential school in Chennai understands the need for guardianship and adult supervision in the formative years and hence a houseparent – an experienced residential member of the faculty, lives with the student boarders.
  • The houseparent at VIS is capable of bringing about awareness in the students, and help them to overcome their challenges.
  • In the process, the houseparent helps the boarders to understand themselves, their aspirations and desires by providing the needed critical support.
  • Together they understand what discipline is and bring in the required order and balance to the students’ lives.

Health & Wellness

  • VIS upholds the trust reposed in it by the parents of the students, with a robust approach to the students’ health and wellness.
  • This entails classification of the medical circumstances into two – First Tier and Second Tier.
  • First Tier situations are primarily minor ailments / injuries which are attended by the resident doctor / nurse.
  • Second Tier situations are those of a serious nature which the school acknowledges and shall accordingly deal with, by associating with hospitals in close proximity.
  • In case of serious illnesses, parents will be notified and kept informed. If needed, they may be asked to take the child for treatment and recuperation.
  • In order to best perform our functions, VIS seeks a complete detailed medical form filled and submitted at the time of admission (refer to the admission procedure).

Healthy meal

  • Exceptional care is taken to provide the students with a balanced and nutritious diet.
  • The fare is a mix of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and Jain cuisine based on the students’ preferences with independent kitchens.
  • The diet includes malt, dairy products, eggs, etc. Fruits and salads are also part of the menu.
  • Teachers / house parents supervise the preparation and serving of meals, and they have meals with students while engaging in informal interaction. This is to ensure that students eat well and remain healthy.

Secured boarding

  • As a residential school that seeks to not just set standards in education, but raise them, VIS recognizes the importance of security.
  • Being an international boarding school in Chennai, VIS does not compromise upon any aspect of safety for the children and the premises is off-limits to anyone who does not have due permission.
  • Parents, vendors, visitors and others are required to go through the security systems in place, and follow the guidelines and instructions given to them by the Security Department.
  • The campus will be under CCTV surveillance. People entering as well as leaving campus will be required to go through security protocols in the safety interests of the students.