Established by the founders of the prestigious Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore International School (VIS) is a residential school in Chennai offering ICSE and CAIE academic curriculum.

Nestled at the edge of Mambakkam Lake and surrounded by lush green terrain, the campus of VIS Chennai is a place filled with an incredible sense of serenity and bliss. Every nook aspect of the campus is thoughtfully designed to serve the purpose of education and students’ needs. A perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern amenities present our students with just the right amount of stimulation so that they can make the most of their educational journey. With even the surroundings inspiring excellence, our students are geared to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

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  • Vellore International School (VIS) is from the house of Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), one of the top 20 engineering institutions in India, which is home to 80,000 students from 60+ countries.
  • VIS is located in a sprawling campus close to Kelambakkam, Off OMR, Chennai.
  • VIS Chennai aims to be the best international School, being in the heart of nature, young minds evolve towards achieving holistic development. In view to provide the present generation of learners with meaningful education, the idea of best international boarding School was conceived  in 2017 and identified the serene ambience.
  • The School Management is committed to provide school community with facilities supported by a soulful architecture to make VIS Chennai the Best co-educational International School.

the bounds of
a classroom

  • VIS aims to educate and empower its students to thrive in an increasingly complex world. VIS places faith in the power of values to help young minds navigate the future.
  • The Co-educational Residential School, to start with, will have classes in the middle school Grades 5 to 9 for the academic year 2023-24 with National and International Syllabus Framework to support the learning. The higher classes will be added in the subsequent years to develop the school fully into a Senior School up to Grade 12.
  • The ICSE/ISC and Cambridge (CAIE) are designed to feed the insatiable curiosity of children, augment their desire to gain knowledge and strengthen their physical constitution.
  • Apart from inculcating the desire for knowledge the school is committed to arming the students with moral values such as honesty, integrity and good judgement for the life after school / graduation.
  • Best faculty from across the world, fair-minded and well-educated, empower students and ensure that the classrooms are transformed into launch pads for ideas.3


Holistic Learning

VIS has designed its teaching and learning on universal pedagogical practices that use trans-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, and multi-disciplinary approaches.

VISDOM - Student Profile Building Programmes

The VISDOM Framework is aimed to articulate VIS’s Student Profile Building Program model that consistently and reliably predicts success for all students.

House Parenting

As a residential school, VIS fully understands the need for guardianship and adult supervision in the formative years. 


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