The VISDOM Framework is aimed to articulate VIS’s Student Profile Building Program model that consistently and reliably predicts success for all students when implemented effectively — one that is aligned with the school’s articulated purpose of education and grounded in evidence.

  • To put our beliefs into practice, we must clearly define desired student outcomes. Students and their families want to understand the long-term outcomes of VIS education. A set of achievable goals actualizes our beliefs about human potential and helps measure our progress along the way.
  • After a careful review of the most prominent competency and curriculum frameworks across the globe, five student learning outcomes have emerged. A VIS graduate will leave our doors only after demonstrating mastery in the following five building blocks:
  • Sense of Purpose: Self-knowledge, values, relationships, and a credible path
  • Habits of Success: Behaviours, mind sets, and personalities
  • Academic Knowledge: Rigorous content learning and development across all academic subjects
  • Competencies : Interdisciplinary, higher-order thinking skills

Beyond Academics : Co-curricular, Extra- curricular, residential life skills