Grades V to XII



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CAIE (IGCSE) For Grades V to XII

Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education CAIE (IGCSE) is one of the most recognized qualifications around the world. The Cambridge CAIE (IGCSE) curriculum is renowned for developing vital educational skills including recall of knowledge, oral skills, problem-solving, initiative, team work and investigative skills. VIS aims to be one of the top CAIE (IGCSE) schools in Chennai offering a variety of subject choices in the Cambridge CAIE (IGCSE) curriculum. Students are encouraged to study a wide range of subjects to have a wide variety of experiences. The curriculum is taught with a one-point assessment objective (application-based) of CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education). The course differs for each subject, but there will be a mix of assessment methods throughout including coursework, practical exercises, oral and listening tests, projects and written examinations. Give your child the gift of seamless global education, at one of the top CAIE (IGCSE )schools in Chennai.

Teaching & Learning at VIS

The Academic Manifesto

Academics at VIS intend to lay a robust foundation for the children upon which to build a future of their will. To this end, VIS will endeavour to provide the students, a holistic approach to teaching and learning. The Cambridge IGCSE curricula provide opportunities to the facilitator as well as the learner to develop critical thinking, social, research and communication skills. VIS, one of the best IGSCE schools in Chennai, encourages dialogues at the teacher-student, teacher-teacher and student-student levels to foster clearer communication and develop life skills. Teachers will employ a variety of teaching strategies in the classroom. This will normally include carefully designed individual learning activities, group work and whole-class instruction. With such a holistic approach to imparting education, we have established our position as one of

VIS Expects The Young Learners To

Subjects Offered

GROUP 1 (LANGUAGES) -Two from this group English and one other Language at VIS

GROUP 2 (HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SCIENCES) -One subject from this group

GROUP 3 (SCIENCES) – All three Sciences encouraged at VIS

GROUP 4 (MATHEMATICS) – Mathematics is compulsory @ VIS



Learning Outcome


The School Provides Learning Resources in Multiple Forms

Teaching-learning Strategies


Teaching & Learning Programme is supported with

1. International Pedagogy

2. Interdisciplinary and learner-centered approach

3. Inquiry and Project-based Learning (PBL) model

4. Self Organised Learning Environment (SOLE)

5. Student-lead and teacher-supported approach

VIS Holistic Development Curriculum In addition to the board-specific curriculum, to meet the 21st century needs of the learners, VIS offers a school-based holistic development curriculum with a rigorous but balanced approach in

1. Academic domain

2. Social domain

3.Emotional domain

4. Physical domain

The curriculum develops the skills needed in the 21st century learner. The salient features of the VIS curriculum are:

Holistic Development Curriculum includes