• Extracurricular activities help children to develop their social skills and learn how to work in a team to achieve a shared goal.
  • These activities allow your child the opportunity to explore different areas of interest, increase self-confidence, build leadership skills and even improve grades — all while having fun!
  • VIS joins hands with Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai and enhances cultural values among students through Bharatanatyam dance and Indian classical music.

Chennai Equitation Center

  • Horses symbolize power and courage most gracefully and inspire people to be independent, confident, and heroic. 
  • Horse riding has been considered one of the most majestic activities for a long time till the present day.
  • Chennai Centurion Cricket Academy is located at Injambakkam.
  • We have eminent and expert coaches. Mr.KARTHIKEYAN B is the head coach, the team is well trained under his guidance. The academy is assisted by coaches Mr. Logeshwaran and Karthik S. Experts in the advisory committee from Australian cricketers.

Mahogany Football Club

  • Mahogany Football Club, founded in 2006, set out on a mission to provide the missing training platform for young football players in Chennai.
  • After a decade of developing the sport at the grassroots level, Mahogany FC became the first academy from Tamil Nadu to be accredited by the All India Football Federation in 2014, and the only youth club to participate in all the AIFF Youth Leagues since its inception in 2015.
  • Mahogany FC offers training programs tailored for all age groups & skill levels. Having trained more than 6000 young players over a decade, Mahogany FC is today one of the largest grassroots academies in India.

John Dance Academy

  •  John Dance Academy started in 2014, acts as a platform that allows students to trust their passion and bring out the dancer in them. For nearly 8 years we have trained hundreds of students of all age groups, showcasing budding talents on stage with annual dance shows.


  • Our primary goal is to stimulate personal growth and development and especially to have FUN!!  Our vision is to make everyone dance. We offer a safe learning environment, where encouragement is given along with constructive criticism.

Learning to think and work as one

  • VIS subscribes to the adage of ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’.
  • Our learning system places sporting and physical activities on an equal footing with classroom learning.
  • We recognize sporting fields as cradles of leadership and team-spirit.
  • To promote sports activities, VIS provides state of the art infrastructure and facilities along with training by qualified Physical Education teachers, coaches and trainers.

Sports facilities available:

Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Volleyball, Handball, Hockey, Swimming, Yoga, Martial Arts, Archery and Horse Riding.

Fostering a deep sense of belonging

  • VIS boarding school features the ‘House System’, which enjoys a long and worthy tradition in schools.
  • When students are placed in a ‘house’ or a group, they develop a sense of team-play and identify themselves with others.
  • Students are placed into one of the four houses – Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.
  • Students elect House Captains, Head Boy, Head Girl, Sports Captain and Activities Captain which forms the Students’ Council.
  • The Student Council will discharge its duties in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the School Leadership.
  • Teachers are allotted to each house and in turn, take the responsibility of the House-in-Charge.

Providing the Right Direction for Life

  • VIS provides young minds with counselling and professional career guidance.
  • This helps them identify and choose the most appropriate stream of university education and make suitable career choices.
  • Additionally, it also expands and enriches their outlook.
  • This task is better performed through administering psychometric tests which help in analysing the interests of students and helps figure out their capabilities and interest.

Embracing the delights of the outdoors

  • Outdoor tours are organized by VIS to inculcate a sense of adventure and discovery, aimed at helping students appreciate nature.
  • Outdoor tours also help develop spatial intelligence.
  • These outdoor trips are organized in the form of weekend camps, adventure camps, excursions, study tours etc.
  • The tours and activities are well-structured, age-appropriate and monitored by school authorities.

Exploring interests and nurturing talents

  • VIS values and nurtures the students’ individuality and desire for self-expression.
  • Hobbies and personal interests are given due importance as platforms for students to showcase their abilities.
  • Activities range from robotics to sculpture, photography to theatre and public speaking.

Moving beyond boundaries

  • VIS believes in exploring cultures as not only a knowledge-gaining endeavour, but one that adds more colour and vibrancy to young lives.
  • Student and Faculty Exchange Programmes are organized with other reputed National and International Schools in India and overseas.
  • Exchange programmes will be structured with mutual consent to share success stories, good practices, universal values, and to prepare the students for future challenges and inspire them to work towards global peace and harmony.