Future finds a form at VIS

  • The vision of Vellore International School is to be among the premier institutions of the nation.
  • The residential school is empowered by the vision to nurture and promote unhindered knowledge-seeking.
  • Dr. G. V. Selvam, the driving force behind VIS, has guided VIT to the top echelons of university education in India.
  • VIS currently offers ICSE Board and Cambridge Board syllabus for Grades 5 to 8 (for the academic year 2022-23).
  • Plans are in the pipeline to add higher classes up to Grade 12 in subsequent years.
  • State of the art facilities in Academics, Administration, Boarding, IT, Sports, Visual & Performing Arts complement the education at VIS.

Values act as beacons for life

  • VIS firmly believes in the power of the environment in influencing the thought process of a child.
  • The milieu of one of the best international schools in Chennai empowers the child to realize the importance of a value system.
  • Values of honesty, integrity and good judgement are inculcated to empower the child.
  • The child shall grow into a well-rounded personality and world citizen – facing challenges in an affirmative and vigorous manner, to help them contribute their best to the society.

Why VIS?

Holistic learning
Values and culture
Balanced education
Excellent infrastructure
Excellence in academics
Futuristic and progressive outlook
Life-long learning
Safe & Secure campus


      • To be a premier institution that provides holistic, futuristic and culturally rooted education with an international pedagogy



  • Adopt learner-centred and intellectually challenging academic best practices in an ideal learning environment.
  • Educate students emotionally, physically and socially, to help them lead a balanced life.
  • Provide opportunities for nurturing creativity, innovation and global collaboration
  • Protect and safeguard the well-being, safety and security of the students
  • Equip students to be life-long learners in an ever-changing world.

Chairman's message

G. V. Selvam - Chairman

Welcome to Vellore International School!

Having established an Engineering Institution, VIT, with over 80,000 students from 60+ countries, which has been recognized as an Institution of Eminence by Govt. of India, we decided to create a modern international school in Chennai with state of the art facilities, based on Indian culture.

Now, VIS has taken shape amidst 35 acres of lush green surroundings within 5 km from major IT parks. and not far from Chennai city.

Our vision is to inculcate family values, good conduct and character, through holistic learning and modern ICSE and IGCSE Cambridge education systems.

At VIS, we have the best and experienced teachers drawn from all over the world. Each student will be groomed as an Independent thinker with the realization of team spirit. We believe in nurturing our children by identifying their strengths and talents, and helping them channel their efforts to succeed in what they are passionate about. Our curriculum and teaching methodology provide great emphasis on flexibility and adaptability.

We plan to have a diversity of students drawn from India and rest of the world. At VIS, we recognise the vital role of arts and co-curricular activities in the development of our children. Hence, we have built excellent facilities and also tied up with leading centres and eminent personalities to teach and train art, music, dance, drama, reading, debating, various individual and team sports, to name a few.

We invite you to visit our campus and have a first-hand feel of Vellore International School.

Principal's message

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for choosing VIS as your partner in education. It is a pleasure to introduce to you a schooling life filled with Innovation, Invention and Indelibility. These three ‘I’s are instrumental in turning V’I’S unique.

VIS is an active learning school with an inspiring, enriching, engaging, appealing and challenging curriculum that will prepare the students for achievement and accomplishment, while at VIS and for the years that ensue in their lives.

At VIS, an internationally-minded education for the future built on one’s own culture and heritage will provide the students with the prospects to widen critical thinking about intricate ‘global’ issues inside and outside the classroom. This is something that people of all ages need, for even young children encounter contentious issues through the media and modern communication technology. Far from endorsing one set of solutions, an internationally-minded education promotes children to explore, develop and express their own values and opinions without fear or favour, whilst listening to and respecting others points of view.

Life is not always about successes; there can be a lot of adversities. Resilience is that ineffable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. Rather than letting failure conquer them and drain their steadfastness, our carefully tailored life skills programme will help them face any adversity.

It is a proven fact that academic learning and sports education complement each other. It also teaches discipline, determination to win, willpower, leadership, the spirit of sharing, team spirit, tolerance and many more. Therefore, if sports education is carried out with a good academic curriculum, the student’s overall personality is enhanced to an appealing extent. Sports, therefore, is not an extracurricular activity for VISionaries; it is a curricular activity well embedded in the curriculum.

The career guidance and college readiness programme of VIS, will guide each student to find their real talent and pursue them with fervour, from the time they join the school.In short, they will be prepared to thrive and live a balanced life of leadership in their chosen fields with finesse, passion and compassion.

Dr Venunadhan B. Pillai
Executive Principal