Holistic Learning


VIS has designed its teaching and learning on universal pedagogical practices that use trans-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, and multi-disciplinary approaches and are appropriate to various stages (Grades 5 to 12), making it a student-centric experiential learning. Educators here facilitate an inquisitive approach to learning through project-based teaching methods. Guided learning and attention to students’ voices and choices are the two core values that inspire the teaching-learning process at VIS. At the school, we encourage independent research and create opportunities to display knowledge acquisition, thereby imparting students with the competency to fit into globally-renowned colleges and universities for their tertiary education.

Art, craft, music, dance and drama are integral to the curriculum and students’ life at VIS. These skills ignites creativity among students and ensure the all-round development eventually encouraging them to blossom as fine individuals. VIS engages renowned artists and experts to train students in dance, theatre, sculpture, and Indian & Western music.