Every day adds a new leaf to book of life

Each day we add something to our lives in some way. Here, we'll examine how it benefits VISionary kids in their daily lives. Dawn brings with it new enthusiasm as well as the anticipation of a new day. You begin your day with personal hygiene by brushing your teeth. While doing so, you learn how to remove germs from our mouths along with any other undesired experiences of previous day. Next, begin practising yoga or engaging in some physical activity, which will help you achieve a calm state of mind and prepare your body for the challenges that lie ahead. Next, take a bath and eat a balanced meal which teaches you how to handle joy and sorrow in order to maintain a healthy mind. After that, the day will proceed with lessons so that you can understand succeed academically. After that, participate in co-curricular activities in the afternoon to develop your talents in a variety of pursuits. Then play games in the evening, which makes you stronger. The next step is quiet time, during which you can reflect your day. Do your academic work during prep time, and after supper, when all of your daily obligations have been met, go to bed peacefully and dream about your future while holding out hope that it will come true. This is how you are taking advantage of life at VIS.