Is Vellore International School (VIS) Chennai a truly International?

Recently some of us were engaged in an interesting conversation cum discussion on the following questions raised by people at various points of time:

1. How are you different from others as an “an International School”?

2. How do you justify as “an International School” when your website emphasizes on Indian Values?

3. What programmes do you have in terms of languages, culture, global outlook, to project international character in your school?

The discussion on internationalism with my friends and well-wishers did turn ugly at times, but we did realize one thing for sure, that is, internationalism of any place definitely depends on its character. How do we define ‘character of any place”? In this context, what will be the character of Vellore International School? Do we define the character of VIS on the basis of language, food, religion or location? Once again, most of us during that discussion seemed to have agreed upon one other factor that definitely influences internationalism, that is “attitude”. Are we narrowing down to “Character & Attitude” in establishing internationalism? I very much doubt. There could be some more attributes.

When we talk about schools that are international in character and attitude, what do we look for? Curriculum, syllabus and languages offered, staff and professional development, infra-structure and facilities supporting scholastic as well as non-scholastic activities, school exchange programmes, career counseling and guidance, boarding facilities, balanced food, workshops to students on communication, leadership and universal values, etc form integral part of any good international school. More than offering, establishing quality and standards in these aspects makes any school international in the true spirit of the term.

VIS will not lag behind in any of the programmes listed above to make VIS truly International, I mean in Character as well as in Attitude.

– V. Srinivasan, Advisor-Academics Vellore International School (VIS), Chennai