Why should I put my child in a Boarding School?

In the present scenario of school education, parents are finding it difficult to provide their children a holistic learning experience. They watch their children wake up in the morning with uneasiness with the thought of going to the school that does not challenge them in any way. Classes with large number of students give them no opportunity to express their view and be creative. Children experience insipid non-scholastic programmes at school, resulting in parents running around with their children after school to find sports academy, Music institute, Tuition Centre and so on. To add to these problems, children end up attending programmes during week-ends too, resulting is physical fatigue and stress. Overall children find no joy in learning.

In a world which is fast-paced and competitive, we at Vellore International School (VIS) believe that being a boarder helps the children flourish, develop and fulfill their potential while staying away from home. Interacting with a wide variety of students teaches them to respect all cultures and communities.

Sports and studies have equal importance in a boarder’s life and this is a big boost to their confidence. It helps them learn together, respect their peers and find their passions on their terms, be it on the field or in the classroom. As they challenge themselves on a daily basis they grow by leaps and bounds; the lessons acquired at the dorm are the roots that will serve them well throughout their life.

The campus environment nurtures children’s independence and individuality as they discover themselves at every step of their journey as boarders. The dorm is a place where children can make lasting memories of the best years of their life.

Health is of primary concern to the authorities at VIS, as every comfort is provided for the ailing child.

All children need a balanced, supportive learning environment and we at VIS have mapped out the boarding activities with this in mind. Every child is an individual with budding talent and a unique perspective on life, and as parents and teachers we must give the opportunity for our children to grow and become citizens of tomorrow.

Parents may feel the absence of children at home, but if you look at it carefully, a child from VIS, a boarding school is able to spend quality time with his/her parents for about three months in a year. This may not be possible if the parent is chasing throughout the day, all through the year in providing learning experiences to their children.

We are confident that when the student graduates from VIS, they will be rounded, balanced, confident, responsible global citizens and overall a good human being.